Iceland Elopement - Lisa & Rob

November 3, 2016 Elopement

"The story of how we first met wouldn’t be considered “romantic” by any one. I met Rob one night when we were both working as junior night shift doctors- I remember being called to an emergency on one of my ward patients only to find some guy I had never met before sticking a needle into my patient’s neck! After that incident we kept bumping into each other all around the hospital, and things grew from there."

"Two years later we spun a globe, shut our eyes, and a finger landed on Iceland. We spent ten days road tripping around Iceland and fell in love with the place- the changing weather, the extreme landscapes, and the desolate empty spaces. We climbed down fissures, swam in natural hot springs, chased waterfalls, looked for elves, and watched the sun set over an ice lagoon in the company of curious seals. When we left we vowed that we would always return one day."