Jara & Aleksei / Põhjaka Mõis

January 30, 2017 Weddings

"We met in London in 2013, when our friend invited us to the gig where he was playing the drums. However, the most interesting fact that we are both from Tallinn and our parents knew each other before, they have been friends for years."

"We wanted to make our wedding day special and celebrate it with family and close friends on the last Friday of the August, so we could remember it as the highlight and the great end of the summer. Põhjaka mõis was the perfect place for our rustic wedding and we celebrated outside. The morning was rainy and we already started thinking about the plan B, but when we arrived to Põhjaka the sky became clear and it was sunny and warm for the rest of the day. In the evening it was even more special, the mist appeared and made the field look romantic and picturesque.

Aleksei decided to choose ascot tie, when mother showed it to him, later we found out it was the best alternative ever. My mother helped me to organise the wedding and she made a belt for my dress, which she was altering the night before the wedding."

"We were so happy on that day that we wouldn't change a single thing! "

Ceremony Location & Catering - Pōhjaka mōis

Decorator and Florist - Terje Salupuu

Wedding MC: Weddings in Estonia

Hair: Salon Hop

Make up: Sona Nagieva

Dress: White by Vera Wang

Cravat: Cravat Club