Lake Como Wedding - Sara & Jeff

January 20, 2019 Weddings




Italy, Lake Como, Villa Pizzo

Sara and Jeff’s wedding at Lake Como, Italy, started off with the rehearsal dinner at Grand Hotel Tremezzo, where all their good friends around the world gathered. Also, to have the best pizza in the world. It was the first days of September and the weather was perfect. But, we were not ready for the rain just before the ceremony the next day at Villa Pizzo. People are used to seeing some gorgeous sunny Lake Como wedding photography and it hardly rains there. Sara was crying and we all tried to cheer her up. Especially the father who was the nicest guy ever. I took some beautiful, candid photographs during those quiet moments when Sara was down. It was just so beautiful in a way and I knew everything’s gonna be just fine.

The rain never-ever had any impact over my working methods to capture photographs, I even love the rain, so my enthusiasm about it had an impact and we ordered over 50 umbrellas from the local store in 15 minutes. And, soon we were ready to have a very heart moving wedding ceremony at the terrace of Villa Pizzo by the lake. The villa is a perfect place to have the most gorgeous wedding by the lake.