Pre-Wedding Iceland - Pris & Colin

November 4, 2018 Engagements

Pris and Colin came to Iceland from Singapore and they wanted to have the best what Iceland could offer. Initially, we were supposed to be on the road for two days, then upgraded for three and after three days, we did our fourth day. One can call this the ultimate adventure in Iceland and it sure was. Pre-wedding and engagement photographing in Iceland is really popular among my clients and there are few reasons for that. Where else you can get lost, explore some unbeaten paths, feel the ultimate power of nature and there's nowhere to hurry. I love the multi-day format the most so after this adventure, this is the memory for a lifetime, as Iceland can be both physically and mentally demanding. You'll never forget that.



We traveled all around Iceland and beyond, so we were on the road far more than 2000km (1240miles) and saw the iconic places + countless of secret places I knew before and explored on the way.