Iceland Ice Lagoon Engagement | Ellen & Jonathan

February 22, 2020 Engagements


Iceland, Winter, December


Ice Caves near Vik, South-Iceland, Vik, Black Sand Beaches

Ellen and Jonathan's Iceland Ice Lagoon / Jokulsarlon engagement took place during the darkest time of the year, during the winter solstice, but in the time of one of the most beautiful sunrise I've ever seen in Iceland.

Jonathan proposed to Ellen at Jokulsarlon’s Ice Lagoon, kneeling between the glaciers heading to the sea. One of the most beautiful places in Iceland to say “Yes.” Jokulsarlon is the crown jewel of Iceland and therefore it is also called “Diamond Beach” because the ice looks like crystal. Every time I visit this lagoon, be it then as a wedding photographer, family or couple photographer, or just as a guest, it is completely different, so it is never possible to predict what exactly is waiting us there. You will be blown away anyway. As a rule of thumb, the beach is full of ice drifting into the sea, but there is also a little period of ice-free time (especially in spring), or when the tide leads the water to the lagoon, not to the sea. In my opinion this place is the prettiest in autumn and there's also a greater chance of seeing large masses of ice. Every time I am completely stunned by the beauty of that place and I would spend hours there, especially when the weather would be more calm (which happens less frequently).

Lagoon is about 5 hour car journey away from the capital, Reykjavik, so driving back and forth we did two long photoshooting days with Ellen and Jonathan. Over the years, this location has turned out to be the most popular among couples. Later, during the same night, we went back to the beach with our monster truck to take some photos in the dark. Also, during that night we were looking for the Nordic Lights but unfortunately we couldn’t see them because of the clouds. Odds of seeing the Nordic Lights are significantly higher in North Iceland according to my experience. Cold weather is also useful for that.

Getting engaged in Iceland can be an unforgettable experience. If this story here is seen by the one who wants to propose, then the simplest way would be to make a little hint to your partner that this may just happen in Iceland. But where it's happening… it's usually a surprise. Previously agreed locations may not work out, mainly because of the weather conditions, and very often the proposal takes place just at the right time. You just feel it's the right time! That's just how it went for Jonathan and Ellen too, as we didn't plan this epic sunrise in Iceland or the lagoon with spectacular ice - it just happened and it was perfect.

There’s no need to worry about missing the ‘right’ moment, it's not worth the trouble because we will have so many more magical moments and places on our journey than you can ever imagine. For instance, our first day's treat - the blue ice cave, could have easily been an engagement place also. It's not too wise going to the caves alone, it's necessary to take either private tour or group tour. We saw several magnificent caves and the centuries-old ice. Most of it though, is probably melted by now. Caves arise every year again and all of them are unique masterpieces of nature… you would definitely remember that experience for the rest of your life.

If you have a plan to go to Iceland and ask for your partner’s hand, or you just want an unforgettable adventure then don’t hesitate to write me because in addition to the unforgettable photoshoot, I will be your guide in Iceland, who has years of experience with the most special places in Iceland - very many of them are unknown locations for ordinary tourists.

See you in Iceland!