Lauren & Eric Iceland Engagement

February 27, 2019 Engagements

(Eric’s point of view) Eric’s fingers were getting oh so tired from swiping left and his eyes were hurting oh so badly looking at Norfolk’s finest bachelorettes when suddenly, a goddess appeared! Beautiful, feminine, classy. Educated with a great job working as a Neurosurgery PA and no kids or baby daddy drama! Her name was Lauren Michelle Taylor. Eric did a quick prayer and swiped right. Days became weeks and Eric had lost hope when suddenly they matched on a Sunday morning! His best friend couldn’t believe it either and offered his unsolicited theories.

1. She was drunk and swiped right by accident

2. She thought I was one of my good looking friends

3. She was bored

Eric didn’t have much to work on, her profile just had “pineapple goes on pizza.” He messaged her, joking about how the cafeteria chefs didn’t agree with our pizza topping of choice. Lauren responded with “lol.” She was in Ireland a week later posting pics of her Irish boyfriend. C’est la vie.


(Lauren’s point of view) Eric and Lauren fell in love at first sight, after a phone call at work. Lauren, a neurosurgery PA in the hospital, called the on-call Internal Medicine Doctor at 11pm, who happened to be Eric Nguyen. They had matched on Tinder months before. After the short, professional, over-the-phone conversation, Lauren messaged Eric to see if he was working at the hospital that night, and if it was indeed him she had spoken to on the phone just moments before. He promptly responded “I thought that was you” and they began sending short videos to each other around the hospital that night, giving clues to their whereabouts. After hours of playing this hide-and-go-seek game, he found her office, and they spent hours charting and laughing, until 5am! They couldn’t get enough of each other. The next day, Lauren made her favorite veggie wrap and walked it to Eric for his dinner at the hospital. Eric picked Lauren up for their first official date the next day. He brought her succulents that he had searched for and planted for Lauren. Dinner was at an intimate restaurant in Norfolk, VA, which included Eric accidentally saying “I love you.” Within the first week, Eric had already met both of her parents. Their love and certainty for each other has grown ever since. After dating for a month, Eric planned a trip to Iceland with Lauren, knowing that he would propose only after 2 shorts months of knowing each other.