Isle of Kihnu wedding - Kristi & Rando

September 26, 2018 Weddings

Kihnu is an island in the Baltic Sea. With an area of just 16.4 km², it is the largest island in the Gulf of Riga and the seventh largest island of Estonia. And still, the most memorable wedding from the recent years took place just there. Around 600 people are living in Kihnu and one can say easily around half of them attended the wedding. If only the little church were able to accommodate more. Kihnu is home to a small group of very traditional people and yet, their traditions look like nothing else.

Kristi and Rando's wedding included handicrafts, dances, games and A LOT of music. Music is an especially important part of the island's traditions and accompanies handicrafts, religious feasts, and other celebrations. Ancient runo-styled songs are also important, as are traditional clothing adorned with decorations and bright colors that symbolize ancient legends and poems. The people of Kihnu speak a dialect of Estonian which is sometimes considered to be a distinct language and contains many elements from Swedish.

I've never used so many colored photos in one gallery and you probably understand why. I left the island with the warmest feeling in my heart. And on my belly:) There was a refreshing nettle and ants sauna on the second day plus many many more traditional events what took place over few days. Never forget!