Kolga manor / Diane & Heigo

March 18, 2018 Weddings

Diane & Heigo at Kolga Manor / Kolga mõis

When someone asks, what’s our story we usually start with the ERKI fashion show in May 2008. Both of us were models in the same collection, walking the same runway and had never met before. In the backstage, we were chit-chatting with other people in the same collection and suddenly this cute red-headed girl was folding a paper plane out of Tiina candy wrapper using my knee as the table. It did not fly miles but impressed me still. After the show, we exchanged contacts and headed to town. The very next day she sent me an SMS, being concerned that the dance night was too short. I promised to make up for it and go on an actual date with her. A night full of talks, mint lattes, driving around Tallinn in the night, watching the sunrise together and the rest is history. I proposed to her in 2016 and a year later we had our dream wedding in Kolga manor.

The wedding was like us – bit crazy, weird, humble and romantic all at the same time. Family, relatives and the closest friends. Kolga manor is not the prettiest manor in Estonia, quite contrary I would even say. But the place spoke to us already several years ago. Maybe because it’s haunting. The legend says that there is a red-headed lady who bites men at night and then the bitten ones die a year later. Let’s hope it doesn’t hold water.

The sky definitely didn't. It was pouring cats and dogs all day long with some 10- minute breaks between the showers where we could go outside with Mait and make art. Not just photos, but art. Watching his work is like going to a museum. The epic landscapes, the angles, the people as tiny creatures in this great space of nature. This is why we wanted Mait to capture the day for us. The pictures really bring back the energy and emotions from that day.

- husband -

Wedding MC: Kuldar Koch

The band: Sleepwalkers

MUAH: Gethe Rohumägi

The dress: Triin Kaiv

Decorations: MT Design

Bouquet: Masha