Liis & Raiki | Destination Wedding in Spain

January 19, 2020 Weddings


Ronda, Benalauria, Genalguacil, Andalusia, Spain


Wedding MC: Peep Saar


Wedding planner:  Almudena Bulani

Destination Wedding in Spain

Liis & Raiki decided to get married in Spain - in the most spanish region - Andalusia (although some of my spanish friends may disagree:)). Handful of people, only their closest family and friends, joined them at the most picturesque villa up in the Ronda mountains, not too far from Ronda itself. Some crop fields around with the horses, beautiful mountain views, infinity pool to cool down and spanish styled villa itself. The whole group spend the whole week up there and we had the most joyful, caring, good vibed time to remember forever. The dinner before the ceremony day was followed by a small group photo session and the ceremony took place in the garden under the trees.

I had time to explore some surroundings beforehand and we ended up taking images in the most gorgeous spanish villages up in the mountains. Full of flowers, friendly locals and more flowers - this was some wonderful time with the couple before the ceremony...

...followed by the craziest dinner and party in the evening what carried us into the morning light. Oh boy, that was insane, in the most awesome way! Destination Wedding is Spain is wonderful!


Interview with the groom and the bride

Why did you choose Spain and Ronda Mountain Resort?

We’ve been in Spain with our family every year in the past 8-9 years, so Andalusian area area has always been like home to us. Also, it’s not too far from our home in Estonia by plane compared to Thailand, our second favorite destination. We wanted to have a big enough villa, just enough for our closest family for a week-long holiday. So, our options only included two Villas and Autumn 2018 we made our final decision. The main reason was the location of the Villa. In the middle of nowhere between the beautiful mountains and nature.

How did you pick your vendors?

We got the contact of our planner from the Villa who was Almudena Fernandez Izquierdo, who had experience with the weddings there already. They helped with the band, catering, flowers and some other things. We brought our wedding MC and ceremony master from Estonia. It was important for us to have a wedding in the Estonian language as all our guests were from Estonia. That’s why we also chose a photographer from Estonia. We had three important things considered our wedding: that we have a lovely and sweet ceremony in our own language, we have gorgeous images and a third, wonderful and memorable party. Our Destination Wedding in Spain had to be perfect! We had no big issues when planning the wedding, maybe only the speed of responses from our wedding planner. We planned the wedding for 9 months.

What were the biggest fears related to your wedding?

Almost none. We have been together for more than 13 years and we have two gorgeous daughters. Our only fear was if we live one week together in the villa with our family and friend we hoped not to have any fights with them :) We had none, as everybody was in a holiday mode. It was perfect!

Do you regret anything that you did or didn’t?

We forgot to tell our videographer that we are going to take images in the mountains. He missed all of it. It was a very last decision one day before the wedding day and we just forgot. But at the same time, he took videos from the Villa and what was going on there.

Any advice for the couples, who are planning their wedding abroad?

There’s always somebody who can’t attend your wedding as it’s a wedding abroad. It is out of your control. We missed our best friend who was at home with her newborn and groom's grandmother who was too sick to travel.

If you book a wedding planner from another country in to your Destination Wedding in Spain, be ready to have a different working culture. Spain has a much slower pace than we have :) So all the communication is slower what you are used to.

If something is not going according to your plan, no big deal and do not freak out. Hire some people who you can trust and you click with. A good connection with the vendors is crucial. If you feel he/she is not your person, do not hire them, even if they have a lot of recommendations.