Mari-Liis & Rannes

September 30, 2016 Weddings

"We met more than four years ago when I went to a party in Tallinn that was hosted by Rannes who also played the music. And when he sat next to me by chance, I said: 'Hello!' and exactly two months later I made the most craziest, courageous and unexpected decision in my life – moved from Tartu to Tallinn to live with him. Music has connected us since."

"My dress was made by Latvian designer Natalija Jansone and bought from the store Taste of Latvia. The dress is special partially because we were looking for a dress that would speak to us, no matter its color. We made our wedding color match it. To us wedding is not a fixed set of rules, but rather gifting ourselves the happiest day. Besides, marriage is not black and white, but from black to white – a grey area that fits everything."

"All my jewelry is by Pandora Jewely. That detail speaks volumes for the jewelry consists of many small Moments amulets that were gifted to celebrate something important. Those amulets that Rannes has gifted me for over four years, not only tell the story of our relationship, but also of our individual accomplishments."

"Hair accessory is made by Katriin, an Estonian artist who specializes in hair accessories. Its pearly, metallic color matched our color theme nicely."

"Flower arrangements are made by me. As a trained florist I knew right away no one else could catch my idea. So the bouquet is lush and full of contrasts – callas and flamingos weaved with more rustic flowers. It speaks about extremes (posh and modest, luxury and rustic, little bit of crazy, yet easy – all the things that we are as a couple)."

"The belt was made by me and my childhood handicraft teacher, who gave me lots of good and kind thoughts while we worked on it."

"Everything was done by ourselves, we even built two tables together with father. Having meaning in the day was important. For instance, we ourselves searched the moss that was in the ring boxes."

"Our wedding was small – we knew from the get go that we want to end our day at home, drinking champagne and enjoying being together. As we're both individualistic and independent, we didn't find it necessary to organize a so-called «series of procedures» for all of the guests. We invested the money in our dream honeymoon so we could say our vows again on Mauritius."

"And we wanted to do everything we like on that tiring, long and emotional day. The day must have plenty of sushi, the best cheeses and other good things. Everything has to be the best just for us and more special than any other day!"

"We still wanted to have more meaning and symbols to our day than just that walk to the Registrar's Office. 17.07 is a gift for our mom who has supported us unconditionally. So the date was my mom's birthday, which happened to be Sunday. It automatically excluded Registrar's Office. That actually meant we could start dreaming – and as people who love the sea and nature, we chose Kaberneeme where we also got engaged a year earlier."