Liisa & Andreas - Padise Manor

August 18, 2016 Weddings

The story about Liisa and Andreas.

"Our story began bit over three years ago. It was Walpurgis Nights 2013 when festive Andreas met my best friend Hedi, with whom we were supposed to meet next day in Põhjaka manor. When Andreas heard of me, he promised to attend the meeting and marry me one day. Without ever seeing me. We didn't meet the next day. Yet...

Some time later Andreas wrote and asked me on a blind date. I hurriedly agreed since I had heard he was a smart and sweet man. In the morning of our date I was very excited, spruced myself up as well as I could and kept on waiting for the evening. Mildly put – what followed, was a disaster.

Everything that could go wrong, went. We had no chemistry whatsoever, we couldn't find anything to talk about, not to mention Andreas left home his manners I had heard so much about. The date lasted for 40 minutes, then I asked him to take me home, promising myself to avoid all blind dates and friends' suggestions regarding the partner of my dreams.

Of course Andreas wrote me apologetic and romantic letters, promising to take me on a date to Rome or Riga, just that we could try once more. I kept on saying I don't believe in second chances. We had no contact for a year.

In the spring of 2014 we happened to have a small talk in the internet. We decided to try one more date after three weeks of chatting. Andreas came to Estonia and we spent a wonderful, very simple evening together. I was different, he was different... Our second date took place in Hiiumaa, in my family home and lasted for several days. And then we already knew to stop looking.

Our story certainly isn't love at first sight. Far from it. Our love began from friendship and grew into love in time. We have lived in separate countries and have probably never felt that deep, idyllic passion and love. Our love has rather been a decision – to be devoted and love each other. Believing from the bottom of our souls that it may be even more lasting than blind puppy love.

We are real and our relationship is real. We have better and worse days. We have harmonic days and days that seem gray. We have quarrels and reconciliations. We have understanding and forgiveness. Sometimes I think of ourselves as waves and rock. He's a rock and I am a wave, coming and going in endless emotionality. And always knowing my rock is waiting for me. Forever. "

Liisa's speech to her husband

Actually Andreas came into my life quite unexpectedly, after promising to marry me without even meeting me. Back then I didn't even understand, how much my soul had needed and missed him. Today, after two years together I can say this:

When I met Andreas, my soul was sick. I had never felt I could be loved and accepted unconditionally. I didn't know that your flaws are not meant to be hidden, but they make you special and unique. Or that being who you are is perfect for him. Having a partner, who believes in you. Today I have found that person – Andreas.

Andreas' parents raised him to be a dignified and loving person. He's a son of his father – just, kind and ready to protect his family whatever the means. And differently from me he's endlessly patient. Doesn't matter if I sing badly to the radio for hours, he's only smiling. Or us looking for a missing cat in in spruce hedge.

He's a great doctor who does his work with passion and love. He's a great owner to Como and Deisibell. And – he always amazes me with his deep knowledge about the most different fields of life, being challenging and interesting talker.

Andreas tells me every day I'm his princess and the most beautiful woman. And it doesn't matter if I plant flowers with dirt on my face or am in my most beautiful dress.

And God knows it's not easy with me. But for Andreas it's not a problem. He even says that he likes a bit complicated, because it keeps life interesting.

The man I love has given me wings and colours back to my life. He is and has been my rock.

I'm his person and he is mine. I am home.

With love,



Andreas speech to his wife

Liisa, today is the happiest day in my life, because I can stand in front of our friends and family and celebrate the beginning of our marriage. Bit more than three years ago I heard of Hedi she has a beautiful friend. Partially because it was late and Walpurgis night I gave a promise to marry you. We hadn't met yet. And our journey to this day has brought us joy and happiness, but also difficulties. And it was the worst first date of both of our lives. My bad. We have enjoyed happy times and overcome difficult ones. You have made some difficult and selfless decisions to support my goals. And from the bottom if my heart I want to thank you for all the trust you have put in me. Today is both, a confirmation we have made the right decisions and a gift for following our hearts.

You're the most fantastic person one could wish for. I admire your dedication to your friends and family. In you I have found the most supportive partner. You make me want to grow and become better person. At the same time I am completely free to be the person I was created and raised to be. I adore your femininity and appeal, you're incredibly beautiful from both inside and outside. You shine, making everything around you shine as well. Thanks to you I have second family where I always feel welcome. I have learned to know beautiful and peaceful Hiiumaa.

I want to fulfill your dreams and make you shine, to travel with you to the end of the world and back. I wish you'd have a reason to smile and we'd find moments to laugh every day. Hopefully our small family will grow and I promise to give you safe and happy home. I promise to cherish and love you and be your rock you can hold on to. I wish we'd always have new dreams and goals to go for. I hope we'll never surrender to difficulties. I hope our love grows every day.

Let's enjoy today and remember it for the years to come.

With love,

Your husband Andreas. 

Ceremony location – Kaarli kirik

Party reception – Padise mõis / Padise Manor

Videography – Toomas Vardja

Wedding MC – Tõnis Milling

Band – Ska Faktor

Catering – Carmen Catering

Cake – Heidi Park Kondiiter

Make-up and hair – Mari Ojasaar

Wedding dress - Pärl

Decor – Peopärl