Yearly collection 2016

January 8, 2017 Yearly Collection

I wanted to name the gallery, again, "The very best of weddings 2016..." but, it is far from the best. It is just the fraction of those tens of thousands of photographs taken so close to magic at weddings. So close to home and so far away from home. Last year, though, was by far the most favourite years of mine during my career. First, I was able to be so close to my couples. And, close to their one of the most important days of their lives. I think I'm so blessed that I can do what I do. I hope those photos below are pretty to watch for complete strangers. But, for those people involved... there is no other photograph so important like the ones with their parents and friends and them together, sharing some quiet moments. Secondly, few years ago I dreamed of travelling the world, photographing love and last year I was living in my dreams. I photographed weddings and portraits last year in Italy (also opened my first wedding exhibition ever in Torino), Romania (along with one wedding workshop I gave), Indonesia, in Iceland numerous times, Greece, Germany, Thailand, Turkey, Sweden and of course in Estonia where's my home. There's tons of places where I wish to take photographs so I hope those of you, who finds my work mirroring who they are, just write me an e-mail. I would love to be there at your wedding. Traditions are so different, people are too, but, again, I found love being so universal what goes beyond the borders. This really is getting confirmed after year by year. Really doesn't matter where the wedding is taking place.

I love my work and I was able to be so close to magic. Wish to be able to get even closer this year. Here are all my wedding couples from last year and I wish to share more photos from your wedding day. I gave a new year's promise as well - I promise to blog more about you. Thank you for everything.