Wedding collection 2017

January 2, 2018 Yearly Collection

Happy new year! Last year was full of changes. After many years I felt it was time to try something new. City life kept me super busy, and studio in the capital was all around me. I've always felt like a countryside man, being the most happier away from the traffic, busy running-here-running-there city type of life. One step leads to another so a bit a year ago we decided to move out from the capital. After a year in a small town, I finally decided the time in the studio is meant to be over. More and more of my couples are based outside of Estonia so inviting most of them over to meet me at the studio is not an option, although I really would love to - getting to know my couples in person, face to face is one of the best things about my work. So I gave up my studio rental and immediately understood there's no need to stay connected with the city and a few months ago we finally went to the real countryside. For good. Far away from everything, house by the lake, with our greenhouse, plenty of space to hang around, watching kids running on the grass. It was the best decision of my life. Hopefully, I can offer a cup of coffee on the terrace by summer. It will become my new studio!

Being a father has changed me a lot. If I were honest with myself, I never felt the city is an excellent place to grow your kids. Going on the grass in springtime, covered with the dust, knowing you can never have a picnic there was frustrating. Another significant point I just didn't want to stay away from my family when they were at home, and I was working at the studio. Why not have it all? The home studio is excellent, especially if you can have a break, play with your kid or doing something in the house. And oh yes - there are tons of things to do here, fix and remake, demolish, painting, planning, and cleaning - the work never stops. And it's great! No, I just do not want to spend the time away and not seeing my kids growing up. Being a father is the best what could happen, and I'm grateful I have a work what can be done from a distance.

Life could have gone another way around too. We could be living in Iceland, it has become already like my second home, and I'm enjoying spending time with my clients there, being on an adventure. When I went through the last year's images, I realized how I love the cold weather and moody landscapes. Some of the sessions we had were part of the massive rainy days and oh yes, we were tested. These are the moments when I probably love my work the most.

I'm very sorry that blogging has taken the hit. I promise to change it as there are just so many good things to share with you all. I'm actively working on my new webpage too, so wait for it, I'm thrilled about it. I just want to thank you all who trusted me to photograph their beautiful wedding days, engagement and portrait sessions here and there. You are all very dear to me even if I'm not able to display your images more than I wish for.

For this year I wish you to be like moving water. Don't stop flowing. Learn something new, leave your comfort zone. Making mistakes is ok as well. And, spend more time with your closest ones, after all, it is the essential thing in life.