Yearly collection 2018

January 10, 2019 Yearly Collection

Happy new year! Can't believe it is already over. Last year I wrote about the big changes. The biggest one was moving to the countryside with the family and it confirmed to be the best decision of our life. We finished almost a year-long house renovations what has been the biggest project of my lifetime. Here are some key highlights.

Our second daughter, Ida, was born in November.

27 weddings photographed

27 slideshows created

112,354 photos were taken (including selfies)

0 new cameras and lenses bought

100,000 km travelled by plane

65,000 km travelled by car

Launched a new webpage

Watched +30 movies fully at home (and 1 at the cinema)

Stopped watching +60 movies after 15 minutes.

Read 8 books (will do more in 2019!)

Wrote over 1000 e-mails.

Ate too much sweets (I'm on a diet now)

+33,000 likes on Instagram (the most popular photo was autoportrait)

The most often visited foreign country - Iceland (after Latvia:) )

Got paid in cryptocurrencies

Went to sauna in every third day (starting from December '18)

Gained 5 kg (due to my wife's unbelievable cakes)

Happy 2019!